Following a death, most people leave an estate – the money and other possessions of the person who has died.

How this estate is actually dealt with depends on whether or not there is a Will, the size of the estate, and the type of assets involved.

For larger estates, there is also the likelihood that Inheritance Tax may be an issue.

Where there is a Will, there will be an Executor who has been appointed to carry out the wishes expressed in that Will.

If someone has died and there is no Will, we can help the next of kin apply to the court to be appointed as Executor and we can provide advice about the rules on intestacy.

We can make the necessary application to court for Confirmation to allow the estate to be wound up.

We can help gather in all the assets of the estate, settle any liabilities and to deal with issues such as tax and accounting and distribution of the estate to benificiaries.