A will is something that every adult should have but it’s surprising how many people don’t have one.

Making a Will is one way of showing your loved ones you care. We provide specialist advice on the preparation of Wills and can help make the process of making a Will quick and easy. This can save on inheritance tax, which will also benifit your intended benificiaries.

We also provide a free Will storage service to our clients.

Many people mistakenly believe that if they die without making a Will then this will make no difference. In reality, it can make a big difference and all kinds of unintended outcomes can arise where there is no Will. Making a Will allows you to choose who your assets and belongings will go to. There are some restrictions to this which we can advise on.

Having your Will professionally prepared by a solicitor is easy and inexpensive taking into account the value of the assets you are dealing with, and the emotional and financial cost of a dispute if there is a problem, the cost of a professionally prepared Will is a wise investment.

“Living Wills”

These are more properly known as Advance Directives. You can sign a document detailing the circumstances under which you would not want to receive life-prolonging medical treatment or resuscitation if you became seriously ill in the future and you were incapable of making your own healthcare decisions.